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Lisa-Marie in her YouTube video (transcript):

“Hi, to everybody out there, who is watching this video.

My name is Lisa-Marie, I am 13 years old and attending the Gymnasium Adolfinum in Moers. First of all, I want to explain what this is all about.

We want to help sick children who suffer from a disorder (Kinderlähmung) of the brain, also called Cerebral Palsy. There are 17 million children worldwide for whom there is no treatment so far. Of these Children 3 in 4 suffer from chronic pain and in severe cases 1 in 2 will die before their 18. birthday.

To support the first successful treatments, we do this Ice Bucket Challenge 2.0 to raise funds for “STOP-CP in Children!” e.V.

I herewith nominate Maja, Annika, and Luca!

Because I support the (STOP-CP!) initiative so much, I will take the bucket dunk not only from one person, but from three people at once.”

Have a look…

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